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Private Detective


At Bamber-Young we provide a wide range of private detective services for our private clients. At your initial enquiry, we will discuss at length with you the service best suited for the situation you need to resolve.

We are then able to provide you with further details about how we will undertake your investigation, time scales and costs. It is imperative that we work closely with you to achieve the highest level of service and consequently the best results for you, our client. We are now able to offer a drone surveillance service and have partnered up with Vulcan Drone Services Ltd.

If you are unable to see details of the service you require please do not hesitate to contact us to request a free consultation.

[ Divorce Evidence / Online Dating / Domestic Investigations / Background Checks / Identity Theft ]


Commercial / Corporate Investigations


Our commercial investigators are trained to carry out a range of services to get to the bottom of your problem. They have years of experience in commercial and corporate investigations and commit themselves to getting the answers you need.

Each member of our commercial investigations team is given advanced training and support to ensure that they can successfully carry out their duties. High standard is always achieved by our team, even when faced with more arduous and complex assignments.

[ Hidden Camera Surveillance / Landlord & Tenant / Employment Activity / Background Checks / Insurance Fraud Investigation / Due Dilligence / Mobile & Digital Forensics ]

Legal Case Preparation


We have specialist investigators who are dedicated to preparing legal cases in readiness for court proceedings. This includes statement taking, evidence gathering and file production. This not only reduces the legal costs for our clients it also reduces the time it takes in getting cases ready for court. This can include, civil matters, appeals and miscarriages of justice, not just through the criminal system but also the HPC.