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A Happy Ending: As told by A.N.Other P.I.

"A friend hired a P.I. because he was suspicious that his stepdad was being unfaithful to his mom. So, he asked me, and I put him in contact with a guy I knew.

A bit of a backstory: The stepdad is 5’10”, 160 pounds. My friend is 6’2”, 235 pounds, ripped. At 15, when my friend’s mom and stepdad started dating, my friend gave the typical 'You hurt her, you’re dead' speech. Also, his bio dad walked out on him and his sister when they were very young. It took a while, but my friend warmed up to this guy, and, honestly, he’s a good guy (took my friend and I to a 49ers game once, which was pretty cool)!

Anyways, the P.I. said he wasn’t cheating. As it turned out, there was a house on the market that my friend’s mom wanted, and he secretly bought it. He had been remodelling it for some time and he kept it all a big secret. As a five-year anniversary gift, he gave it to her. They live there now."

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