How Do You Know if Your Partner, Husband Or Wife is Cheating?


We Are Expert Detectives In Catching Cheating Partners

Sometimes we get a gut feeling, a hunch that someone is cheating on us. Where does that come from, its our 6th sense and when you know a person small tell tale signs will give us that feeling they are cheating.

If you are suspicious that your being cheated on ask yourself these questions:

Has the way they communicate changed? If your partner or spouse no longer talks to you or even argues with you let alone says I Love you then there is likely to be an underlying issue. Stonewalling which involves refusing to listen may also signal infidelity.

Appearance and Hobbies

Have they started to dress nicer or make more effort with their appearance?

Started a new hobby which takes up their time and doesn’t involve you or they are vague about it.

Attitude Changes

Has your partner become argumentative with you, Defensive if you try and question them, If you mention cheating they do not offer reassurance or you are not satisfied with their response.

Lying and Avoidance

Dishonesty in any relationship is a red flag. These avoidance strategies may indicate cheating. Avoiding you, Don’t want to go to places or do things with you anymore, secretive, Accuses you of cheating.

Changes in Intimacy

Any relationships experience highs and lows in this area however if the intimacy is considerably less then this is a red flag. New things introduced that were never before, You learn you have a sexually transmitted disease.

Change In Phone Habits

These can range from password changes, becoming possessive of their phone, turning on to silent or leaving it in the car. This a a strong indicator of cheating.

What They Say and What They Actually Do Doesn’t Quite Tally

This is often how cheaters are caught out, They say they need to go and do something when actually they are somewhere else with someone else.


Our Advice

Follow your instinct. Don’t be reactive and monitor the situation if you can for a while. Give yourself time to form a plan. These situations can be complicated and stressful to deal with, especially if you have children and joint assets. When you are ready, call us to get the help you need to find the truth and gain evidence.